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Carved silk carpet, the exquisite carved artwork. In production technology, carved silk carpet is also weaved by hand , but it has its own distinct characteristic . As the name implies, the word “carved” means the edge of the pattern be cut into fluted lines, and make the pattern look like a carving, seem to have a third dimension. It is not only a carpet, but also an exquisite hand carved artwork.Usually there are three basic density in produci… [ More ]
A ancient and fascination city Kaifeng is situated at the southern bank of the Yellow River, 70 kilometer away from Zhengzhou. Kaifeng is famous Seven Ancient Capital in China. There are many beauty spots and places of historical interest in Kaifeng, for example the DaxiangGuo Temple, BaoGong Ancestral Hall, Youguosi Pagoda, Long Ting and so on. A tourist who come to Henan must have a visit to these famous place. Kaifeng has not… [ More ]
Why should we give our praise to handmade silk carpet? Why should we give our praise to handmade silk carpet? As is known to all, handmade silk carpet is expensive and luxurious decorative item, do you know why?First, the silk used for carpet is protein fiber, it has four features: solid texture, soft lustre and comfortable hand feel. It is also a porous fiber with the excellent performance in good thermal, hygroscopicity and permeability. It is no … [ More ]
Tussah silk and hand knotted silk carpet Tussah is an insect who get its name for it like to eat the leaf of the oak tree. Tussah spin silk and wrap themselves in cocoons, the cocoon can be made in to silk. Tussah silk textiles has features of high strength, moisture absorption strong corrosion protection and anti - ultraviolet radiation.Tussah silk is unique natural resource in China, it is also the main raw materials for knotting silk c… [ More ]
Zhengzhou, a famous commercial city in China Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, it is situated in the central plains of China, the south of the Yellow River. The total area of Zhengzhou is 7446.2 square km, the total population is seven million.Zhengzhou is an important central hub for railroads, highways and air transportations in China. There are fifteen passenger airlines and twenty cargo flights from Zhengzhou to all part of the … [ More ]
The ancient Silk Road The Silk Road is a historically important international trade route between China and the Mediterranean. Because silk comprised a large proportion of trade along this road, in 1877, it was named 'the Silk Road' by Ferdinand von Richthofen, an eminent German geographer.The road is not only an ancient international trade route, but also a splendid cultural bridge liking the cultures of China, India, … [ More ]
Which materials were used to produce handmade carpets? Silk is a luxurious material used in hand knotted carpet. The silk fiber is thin and long with high tensile strength, also has the good resilience and luster. It is very suitable for knitting carpet in hight density and thick-set design. The carpet what be made of silk is aways in fine workmanship, beautiful design and luxurious luster. It is not only a top-end interior decoration, also an art trea… [ More ]

In 1978, With the help of new opening policy, as did a lot other handicraftsman in China, the Yile family return to carpet industry. In the past 36 years, Yile family has been producing innumerable silk carpet for Foreign Trade Company. Sine 2006 the Ylrug On-Line was founded by Mr.Justin, a experienced professional who has been working in silk industry for 27 years.

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