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Tussah silk and hand knotted silk carpet

Tussah is an insect who get its name for it like to eat the leaf of the oak tree.
Tussah spin silk and wrap themselves in cocoons, the cocoon can be made in to silk. Tussah silk textiles has features of high strength, moisture absorption strong corrosion protection and anti - ultraviolet radiation.

Tussah silk is unique natural resource in China, it is also the main raw materials for knotting silk carpet. The carpet what be made of tussah is soft, strong in texture, and warm in winter cool in summer.

China was the first country of sericulture and filature, the output of the tussah account for 80% of the world. The major source of tussah includes Liaoning, Henan, Shandong, Heilongjiang and Jilin province.

Nanyang is the major district of the tussah in Henan province, it locate in the west-south of Henan, covers land area of 26,600 square kilometer, has a population of 11 million.  Nanyang has 3 million mu of hill slope for raise tussah, over 10 thousands of family engage in raise tussah, reeling, and knotting silk carpets.


In 1978, With the help of new opening policy, as did a lot other handicraftsman in China, the Yile family return to carpet industry. In the past 36 years, Yile family has been producing innumerable silk carpet for Foreign Trade Company. Sine 2006 the Ylrug On-Line was founded by Mr.Justin, a experienced professional who has been working in silk industry for 27 years.

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