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Why should we give our praise to handmade silk carpet?

Why should we give our praise to handmade silk carpet?  As is known to all, handmade silk carpet is expensive and  luxurious decorative item, do you know why?First, the silk used for carpet is protein fiber, it has four features: solid texture, soft lustre and comfortable hand feel. It is also a  porous fiber with the excellent performance in good thermal, hygroscopicity and permeability. It is no exaggeration that the silk is unmatched with other materials in comfortable and secure feel to people.

The secound reason is that the carpet knotting is a time-consuming work. Say a 300 lines silk carpet of 10x14 foot would be finished for two years by an experienced weaver, so the labor cost would acount for 70 percent of the total cost.

In addition, more mechanical products are made at the cost of environment, but the handmade carpet is made under the condition of low-carbon. Silk carpet not only give people a good living experience, also a good natural environment,

Lastly, even if the design or style of the carpets are many and various, traditional or modern, eastern or western, they are same on this point, that is they all are showing a history or a culture.


In 1978, With the help of new opening policy, as did a lot other handicraftsman in China, the Yile family return to carpet industry. In the past 36 years, Yile family has been producing innumerable silk carpet for Foreign Trade Company. Sine 2006 the Ylrug On-Line was founded by Mr.Justin, a experienced professional who has been working in silk industry for 27 years.

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