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Carved silk carpet, the exquisite carved artwork.

In production technology, carved silk carpet is also weaved by hand , but it has its own distinct characteristic . As the name implies, the word “carved” means the edge of the pattern be cut into fluted lines, and make the pattern look like a carving, seem to have a third dimension. It is not only a carpet, but also an exquisite hand carved artwork.

Usually there are three basic density in producing carved silk carpet, i.e 120 lines, 140 lines and 160 lines. Different lines applies to different design, say 120 line be used for simple design, and 160 line for complicated design. The carved silk carpet has 6mm height of pile, be weaved in double knot, silk yarn be used for its pile and fringe, cotton yarn for its warp and weft.

Because carved silk carpet be made with special technique, its texture is more thick than Persian silk carpet, so the feel is more comfortable when you put your foot on the carpet, the carpet give your room a cozy warmth. The thick texture with simple and modernized design style is very popular to those people who seek naturalness, harmony and personality, many people customize carved silk carpet whith an unique design, in what no one can copy it.


In 1978, With the help of new opening policy, as did a lot other handicraftsman in China, the Yile family return to carpet industry. In the past 36 years, Yile family has been producing innumerable silk carpet for Foreign Trade Company. Sine 2006 the Ylrug On-Line was founded by Mr.Justin, a experienced professional who has been working in silk industry for 27 years.

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