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Chinese handmade silk carpet The knitting technology of hand knotted carpet in China had reached a wonderful facility as early as the Western Han Dynasty period. This old Silk Road linked China with the West in ancient times. The silk, carpet, china, tea and spice were taken to Middle East and Europe, and the Chinese saw the civilization of Persian carpet at the same time. These two ancient civilization counties learned from e… [ More ]
Respectable weavers A Customer form Italy customize a handmade silk carpet from our factory last year, it is 10’x14’, 100% silk, 240 lines density, Persian design. Can you guess how long it take three weavers to finish? Fourteen months!Many people know handmade silk carpet is luxury and expensive, but few of them know it is a time-consuming work to knit it.These Weavers sit on a long bench, face the loom, do the sam… [ More ]
Real handmade silk carpet was finished in countryside A friends from Middle East likes Chinese silk carpet very much. He thought silk carpet maybe was made in large factory, but when he entered the Family Workshop, saw a semi-finished carpet was hanged on the loom, the weave was knitting with some rude tools, he was astonished! “what flimsy workshop! what beautiful carpet!” he said in praise.As a responsible businessman, we may proudly say: most of … [ More ]
Incomparable work of art​ Over 1800 years ago, handmade carpet was introduced into China with Buddhism. Handmade carpet is knotted by pure manual labor, usually it is made of wool or silk, with rich color and various design.The process for produce handmade carpet includes drawing, dyeing, hangwarp, knitting, shearing, carving, washing, after-treatment eight step.Knit a 230 lines smaller rug will take three months t, but if … [ More ]
Golden silk carpet, one of the treasures in Chinese history Golden silk carpet has already had a history of nearly 2000 years. It includes 120L, 200L, 260L, 300L, 350L and 400L different density. The 400L golden silk carpet is listed as one of the eight national treasures. It was for use of imperial household in Chinese history.Golden silk carpet is made of silk and golden threads; one of its characteristics is to knit some golden threads in carpet design. … [ More ]

In 1978, With the help of new opening policy, as did a lot other handicraftsman in China, the Yile family return to carpet industry. In the past 36 years, Yile family has been producing innumerable silk carpet for Foreign Trade Company. Sine 2006 the Ylrug On-Line was founded by Mr.Justin, a experienced professional who has been working in silk industry for 27 years.

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