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Do you know how to maintain your valuable carpet?

Everyone knows that hand knotted silk carpet is a valuable, but the natural silk is delicate. Do you know how to lay a handmade silk carpet? Do you know how to maintain your valuable carpet?

For installs: Firstly a pad should be laid under the silk carpet, in this way the back of the carpet would be kept better, not wear and tear. The pad can absorb the moisture of the floor, the carpet would be in non-slip kept, the pad would give a better resilience to the carpet.

For clean: Without right way in cleaning silk carpet, the color would be changed, the luster would be lose and the shape would be distortion. Silk carpet has dense piles, so it is not easy to remove the dust and stain inside. you can put the rug in a frame, make the surface down and hit the back by a stick. Then put the carpet into a water pool, put some salt, color fixing agent and detergent in water. Then brush the surface along the direction of the piles. After you do it, put the carpet into another water pool, put some softener in water which will make the rug soft, neat and shining. After clean it put the carpet on a clean floor then use a thin wood to scrape the remained water, then hang the rug up for dry it in air. Then bush the pile for keeping it smooth. Finally iron the surface and back to make it even.

In normal time you can vacuum the carpet to remove dirt but not vacuum the fringes. You can also use the wet towel to wipe the surface of the carpet to make it clean. If the silk carpets are stained but not seriously you can clean it timely,  please remember that different way for different stain.

For soft drinks, milk, coffee, tea, red wine, and chocolate stains, you can use lukewarm water with non alkaline detergent to clean.
For shoe cream, and blood stain you can use lukewarm water with salt or non alkaline detergent to clean.
For urine of pets stain you can use lukewarm water with white vinegar to clean.
For oil stain, you should use white towel, oil-absorbing sheet cover it and iron the towel until the oil is absorbed.

If you want to store your silk carpet, it should be rolled along the direction of the pile, be kept in a place where is dry. Every six months the carpet should be shifted its direction for keeping it in better condition.





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