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Yile Silk Carpet History

As early as 1955s, Yile family apply for join the carpet cooperative production.

In 1970s, The partial member of the Yile's family joined carpet factory, they work as designer, weaver or dyeing worker.

1994, Yile's family set up two workshop for silk dyeing and carpet weaving.

1995, the Total Quality Management system be implemented in production, all the staff get training in quality management.

1996, 120 lines carved silk carpets was displayed in China Export Commodities Fair.

1997, 260 lines handmade silk carpet was exported to Europe by Henan Provincial Foreign Trading Corporation. The 800 lines silk rug and the 1000 lines silk rug be produced successfully.

1998, a significant technical breakthroughs has made in dyeing/refining. The problem of color fastness and color aberration were resolved.

2003, 260 lines handmade silk carpet has been exporting to several countries.

2006, The Home Textile Export Department was founed in Zhengzhou, they export carpet by their agent Yilong Company.

2007, the Electronic Business start to open, their own website is running officially.

2008, the quantity of the loom what cooperited with Yile has been a record of 1000 set, and 3000 skilled weavers.

2009, Yile family adjust their business strategy, the customization of silk carpet become their important task. 160 lines carved silk carpet, 300 line golden/silk carpet is produced successefully.

2010, the Research and Development Center was founded, in order to develop high-end silk carpet, Yile establish technical cooperation with some research institution and factory which are from in Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province.

2011, the first part of the customized high-end silk carpet be deliveried to customers who are from Italy, Russia and Sweden. 260 lines Persian design carpet be exported to the famous origin of carpet Iran, Turkey and Kazakhstan. 2011, Yile start to distribute their information on Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkdin.

2014, Yile Carpet Company be founded in Zhengzhou, the company get an official authorized for the business of import and export.

2015, the Cooperative Group be established, their main member includes factory in material, dyeing, weaving and  textile research institution, most of them come from Henan, Jiangsu, Shandong and Liaoning province.

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