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Make the name of the silk carpet standardization

Yile Carpet Company will standardize the name of the carpet from December 1, 2015. “We will use uniform name in production and sale.” the manage of the export business department expressed in a working meeting.
As everyone knows, there are different named method for handmade carpet in different production district in China. Say what the carpet be named by the origin, or by the density of the warp, even some carpet be named as “Imitative 400 lines”. These confused name cause customer much trouble.
For providing a better service to customers, the company begin to standardize the name of the carpet, in what the carpet will be named as per the weaving method, the material usde and the density of the warp. For example, 220 lines handmade silk carpet means that it is made of silk, with 220 lines density and by hand knotted.

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