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What we do?

1) Produce and export handmade silk carpet, silk tapestry, silk/wool carpet, carved silk carpet, aubusson wool carpet, in Persian design and Chinese design, in size 2’x3’, 2.5’x4’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, 6’x9’, 8’x10’,9’x12’,10’x14’,12’x18’ and 20’x30’.
2) Customize handmade carpet according to customer’s requirement, say unique design, special size, special shape and so on.
3) Offer Technical Drawing and raw materials to weavers for knot silk carpet in rural workshop, arrange for silk dyeing, carpet shearing, carpet carving and other post treatment.
4) Provide Technical Support and Quality Control to production workshop, periodically organize technical training to production workers and salesman.
5) Popularize knowledge of handmade silk carpet, promote and develop silk civilization .

About Production

We have several hundreds of design in store, most of them are Persian style or Chinese style. In addition our designer and technician alway trying to innovate new design and new product.

The common material for produce handmade carpet include silk, spun silk, artificial silk, wool and cotton yarn. The normal density of warp/weft in a foot include 120 lines, 220 lines, 260 lines, 300 lines and 400 lines. For silk tapestry, use high density 400 lines, 500 line, 600 line and 800 lines.

To finish a carpet need Dyeing silk yarn, Knit carpet on loom, Shear the piles, Wash, Trim and iron 5 process at least. Usually the dyeing, shearing, washing, trim and iron is made in respective workshop, but the knitting is made in weavers’ own house.The weave tool is very simple, a loom, a pair of scissors, an iron comb and a small knife only.

Why yile silk carpet
-----yiles family have over 36 years professional experience in silk carpet production. employ first-class designer and skillful worker for design and production.
-----We carry out most strict Total Quality Control (TQC) in production of handmade silk carpet.
-----Each piece of carpet sold by yile is Real: Real Silk, Real Silk/Wool, Real Spun Silk, Real Hand Knotted, Real Density and KPSI. Any customer have the right to get the Certificate of Quality and the Certificate of origin for what they buy from us.
-----The price quoted by us is Real Factory Price, no additional channel cost.
-----We provide latest information and powerful Marketing Support to regular customer.

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