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Golden silk carpet

The marvellous sight, silk/golden carpet
It is a special handmade silk carpet, special means it combine two workmanship in produce it, one is hand knotted for its piles, another is hand weave some golden thread on the foundation.
The gold luster against the superb silk, the carpet look like a magnificent painting, marvellous sight.
Imitating ancient style
Most of the design in handmade silk/golden carpet are imitating ancient style, such as ancient Persian design or Chinese ancient design. Some customer customize silk/golden carpet for decorate their corporate headquarter.
Pure handmade
It is be made of silk and golden thread, 2mm pile height, cut pile, golden thread foundation, density 230 lines 260 lines or 300 lines, pure handmade on the loom.
Real natural mulberry silk
The silk used for silk/golden carpet is selected, it is supply from named silk district due to the named silk material has suitable fracture toughness, only this silk can match golden thread for produce silk/golden carpet.
Produce in small quantity only
Because this carpet is produced for meet customers special requirement, it is always available in small quantity and in small size. Some design for silk/golden carpet are unique, no any reproduction for it.
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