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Carved silk carpet

Carved silk carpet, carved artwork
Carved silk carpet is a special branch of Chinese art, it has high piles and thicker foundation. The main difference between it and others is that it is produced with a special carving workmanship, the patterns be carved with a electric scissors,showing a emboss effect on the surface on the carpet.
Modern style and simple design
Most design in carved silk carpet are modern style, simple and clear, the emboss effect bring the design with more realistic and more attractive, it is popular item of modernist and pragmatist.
By natural silk and pure handmade
Carves silk carpet is made by natural silk, silk piles, silk foundation. 12mm pile height with carved workmanship, pure hand knotted by Turkish knots, weight 0.37 kg. / square foot. The size of the carpet usually according to the customers requirement.
Supply from stock, also accept customization
Available in some modern design and normal size
Most customers like to customize it according to their requirement, in which includes the size, the design and the pile
height. Usually the lead time would take six months for a 2m x 3m size.
Workers are carving the silk carpet
The worker carve the pile along the edge of the pattern with a electric scissors. This position requires a proficient skill, otherwise any sightless little bit of inattention would let the silk pile damage.
Costly silk material and costly labor make the carpet in higher value.
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