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260 lines silk carpet

A symbol of wealth, Turkish knots handmade silk carpet

260 lines silk carpet is the top-quality handmade silk carpet in large size, it is made of mulberry silk material, 100% by hand knotted with Turkish knots.

A piece of 260 line hand knotted silk carpet collected by a family is a symbol of wealth.

First-class design by first-class designer
The leaf, the petal, all of them are made by best knotting, best cutting and best dyeing.  All the design was made by professional designer.
The 260 lines handmade silk carpet is not only for decoration, also a  valuable art collection.
Environmentally friendly materials

Be made of real natural silk mixed with cotton, environmentlly friendly and healthy. All the "sale online" were produced by our factory, a responsible manufacturer, a professional carpet factory.

Pure hand knotted by most professional weavers
Each of the carpet was finished from the traditional loom, from the traditional workmanship.
260 lines density of the warp, kpsi 469, 6mm pile height, weight 0.25 kg./square foot, strong texture and soft foundation.
Best quality of silk materials
Pure mulberry silk from China, silk piles, silk fringe and silk foundation. All the silk material be used are in best quality, in same origin and in same batch, no color difference.
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